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E-commerce website design and development

Web design, website development, APP development,

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Company website design

Build a brand, develop a market

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We have conducted in-depth exploration for each service category, while controlling the development timeliness, and ensuring the application quality

Website Design

WEB terminal category: enterprise type, e-commerce type, takeaway type, vertical type, etc.

APP development

Mobile category: native APP development, hybrid APP development, WEB APP, etc.

ERP/ CRM management system

Develop customized and operable backgrounds according to the operational needs of enterprises, solve operating costs, simplify labor, and improve work efficiency

WeChat Mini Program

Apply for registration on WeChat official account, design and develop small programs or micro-websites, and help you successfully open the Chinese market

Focus on various website APP development

We’re Changing the Way of Growth

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TMI Internet is located in El Monte, Los Angeles, USA. It has provided Internet application development services for Chinese Americans for many years, focusing on website design, website development, ERP system development, APP development and other services! Diversified customer industries: e-commerce, entertainment, film and television, politics, medical care , housekeeping, tobacco, training, education, etc. TMI Internet provides comprehensive Internet application development, Internet promotion and other integrated network services.

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Grand Century Cruises

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Grand Century Cruises










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The new version of the website is online, and the content is being added.

The new version of TMI INTERNETwebsite is launched. This website adopts YII customized background development, and the o....

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